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Devoteewear Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands have arrived and are here to stay! Devoteewear is excited to give you OPTIONS to further enhance your training experience, whether you are at home or back in the gym.

The first set of 3 resistance bands, the PowerX V2 come with different sized loop AND different resistance. These quality-made, anti-slip woven bands give you the ability to progress from light to heavy resistance and can be used with different stances, from narrow to wide, for all your favorite glute and lower body workouts.

Devoteewear Resistance Bands

Feel like you need to keep your options open with even more resistance band diversity?

The PowerZ set offers three quality, woven hip bands, created with durable gripping details to inhibit any slipping or rolling that you will experience with other plastic band. Although these bands are the same length, you can choose between the colours, representing different levels of resistance based on your desired level of intensity.

These booty band sets also come in multiple colours, from bright to neutral shades, so you can pair them with your favorite Devoteewear set for your workouts. Squats, banded-walks, clamshell abductions, glute kickbacks, and hip thrusts are all exercise examples that these booty bands can help take to the next level, with increased resistance leading to gains in all the right places!

Devoteewear Resistance Bands

Last, but certainly not least, are our Devotee Long Resistance bands! These bands are great for:

  • Upper body workout & lower body workouts
  • At home, gym or anywhere
  • Beginner to advance

These resistance bands were designed to make all your training sessions better by increasing resistance for many push and pull movements, while remaining hassle-free with the anti-slip woven design. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have options for an effective full-body workout, whether you have access to the gym, fitness classes, or workout at home.

These long resistance bands are excellent for compound exercises such as squats and will increase the intensity with the band-only, or you can add it to your barbell squats at the gym. Sky is the limit for the exercises you can do with these long bands, but just know, your core will feel the burn as you perform any movement as the increased resistance requires added core stability!

Devoteewear Resistance Bands

Any level of athlete can benefit from adding resistance bands to their workout routines.

Devoteewear Resistance BandsA breathable mesh bag is included with any set of the resistance bands, making it easier to grab and go to your training sessions. Say goodbye to excuses, and hello to a portable and accessible way of getting those focused glute gains and performing even better full-body workouts!